Who We Serve


Meals on Wheels serves a wide range of people, from the young person hurt on the job, to the middle-aged recovering from surgery or to the elderly, who have special needs. It is the only program in the city that accepts people of any age. Clients are both short-term and long-term.

With the cost of hospitalization increasing and insurance companies pushing for early release of the patient, our service is available to help not only the elderly but those who are recuperating at home after surgery or those who are dealing with terminal illnesses. Studies seem to point to the tangible benefits gained from a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal. Also, with the increasing costs associated with nursing-home care, Meals on Wheels is in a position to assist those in our community who need to receive help while continuing their pursuit of independent living.

A Client Application must be completed. The first page is filled out by the client and the second page is filled out by his/her physician. The completed application is returned to the Meals on Wheels office and the Meals on Wheels staff will contact the client to set up a start date.

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